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Lake Yamanaka’s Cycling Road

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Soak up great views of Mount Fuji while getting active on this high-quality bicycle path.

Lake Yamanaka is the largest of the Fuji Five Lakes. Formed by ancient volcanic activity, it is 6.6 square kilometres (4 square miles) and shaped like a whale.

Located in Yamanashi Prefecture, the beautiful body of water is also the closest lake to Mount Fuji. A trip at any time of the year offers picture-perfect scenes, with Japan’s iconic peak as borrowed scenery. And there isn’t a better way to take in all the natural beauty than a lap around the lake by bike.

Accessible and convenient

The 14-kilometre (8.7-mile) cycle road is mostly well-paved and flat, making it suitable for cyclists of all levels. Virtually any kind of bicycle would be fine, including city bikes. The entire path can be covered by bicycle in about 1.5 hours or on foot in about 3.5 hours.

If you don’t have a bike, one can be rented at a reasonable rate at several locations along the northwestern shore of the lake. Options include one hour, a half day or a full day, so you can choose the best length of time for you.

The path might not be the most testing route for serious cyclists but it’s certainly worth it for the views and relaxing atmosphere.


We recommend bringing a picnic or drink with you, along with a towel. On a sunny day it’s perfect to have a picnic half way around and then dip your toes in the refreshing water.

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