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Wellness, creativity and inspiration in Kagoshima

Kyushu’s southern prefecture offers even more workation options


Kagoshima Prefecture has a diverse environment including mountains, forests, lakes, beaches and seas. It comprises two peninsulas, many islands, and is surrounded by the Pacific Ocean and East China Sea. Due to the warm climate (the average annual temperature is 19˚C or 66˚F ), it’s possible to spend time in nature throughout the year.


Activities range from swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving in subtropical seas to hiking and horse riding in the hills. It’s possible to explore the foothills of Mount Sakurajima (Kagoshima’s active volcano), Kirishima Shrine (designated a National Treasure of Japan) or Sengan-en (a traditional garden and stately home dating from 1658), and there are plenty of options for golf, fishing, kayaking, SUP and canyoning.


If wellness is your priority, Kagoshima is a great choice. From long ago, the coastline, fertile plains and volcanic soil established Kagoshima as one of Japan’s heartlands of agricultural produce and seafood, which has resulted in a rich culinary culture that uses fresh, seasonal produce. And the prefecture is a major producer of antioxidant-packed green tea and home to thousands of healthy hot springs.


Thanks to its rich culture, Kagoshima also has myriad ways to uncover traditional and modern Japan through authentic experiences and unforgettable activities.


Experiences and activities

(C) Horse Trust

At the Horse Trust, a nonprofit that takes care of retired horses, you can enjoy activities such as hiking with a horse whisperer, horse trekking in the forest and a stay in an on-site cabin near the horses.


This helicopter tour, which travels over the mountains of Kirishima, waters of Kinko Bay and the volcano Sakurajima, is not to be missed for fans of nature and the environment.

Green tea is best enjoyed fresh, and what is fresher than on the premises! Visitors can enjoy refreshing organic matcha or sencha varieties on a terrace overlooking rows of lush green tea shrubs.  

Marutake Sangyo is where craftspeople make 90% of all traditional armor for Japanese period dramas and movies, and even the helmet beloved by Los Angeles Angels pitcher Shohei Otani. View the workshops and try on samurai armor against a historic backdrop.

(C) Soramido Yakushima

Shiratani Unsuikyo Ravine on Yakushima, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, has a vast ecosystem including the island’s famous yakusugi (cedars). Three walking courses offer the Japanese art of shinrinyoku (forest bathing).


The renowned Sumiyoshi Shachu Troupe welcomes visitors to a 170-year-old house to enjoy traditional sencha green tea and a performance of dancing that dates from around 1870.   



Kagoshima Prefecture boasts accommodation options for all tastes, budgets and needs. In addition to hotels, resorts and ryokan inns, there are Airbnbs, homestays and campsites. You can opt for full-service, traditional hospitality or a more flexible, DIY approach to your stay. 


(C) Sankara Hotel Yakushima

Sankara Hotel & Spa

This luxury, full-service accommodation on the lush island of Yakushima comprises villas and suites, as well as restaurants, meeting rooms, a spa, a sauna and walking and water-based activities run by certified guides.


Sheraton Kagoshima

This five-star hotel boasts views of Mount Sakurajima and easy access to Kagoshima City’s attractions, as well as a restaurant, fitness center, spa, kitchen and meeting space.

Koshikano Onsen Glamping

Visitors can indulge in their own private open-air hot spring bath at this high-end accommodation. Tents also feature air conditioning and dining space, providing all the comforts of a hotel in the scenic outdoors.

Ama Furu Oka

This wellness resort boasts an infinity pool, outdoor hot spring bath, sand bath, spa and sauna as well as a private theatre and French and Japanese restaurants. Its remote setting affords spectacular views of the night sky.


Testsuka ryokan 

This inn offers high-end local cuisine and bespoke traditional rooms, many of which include a private indoor or outdoor hot spring bath.

Amami Resort Bashayama-mura

This resort hotel on the subtropical island of Amami Oshima, a UNESCO World Natural Heritage Site, has beach-side huts for work or al fresco dining, as well as an outdoor pool and a restaurant specializing in local cuisine.


Fairfield by Marriott Kagoshima Tarumizu

Situated on the coast of Kinko Bay, this new hotel has views of Sakurajima and Kaimondake, known as the area’s Mount Fuji due to its beautiful conical shape.



With facilities ranging from modern to traditional and outdoor, Kagoshima enables visitors to relish in the feeling of working somewhere new every day. Choose from dining in the mountains while on your laptop, savoring a coffee on a deckchair by the ocean with your smartphone, or delving into some deep work in the tranquility of the countryside. There are numerous well-equipped co-working spaces and Wi-Fi-powered cafes to support you, too.


More information

For details on how to make the most of a stay in Kagoshima Prefecture, visit the Japan National Tourism Organization site and local tourism site.


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