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Ginza: Premier Shopping

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Tokyo’s Ginza is famous for luxury, with endless high-end retail options.

Centrally located in the capital, Ginza’s main streets are full of upmarket department stores, stylish boutiques and designer brand shops. Visitors will be able to find all the global names in not only fashion but also cosmetics, furnishings, food and drink and much more.

Ginza’s development

The Ginza we know today was established at the outset of the Edo period (1603–1868) when the shogunate established a mint in the area to manage and create silver coins. As a result, the area became quite prosperous, attracting some of Tokyo’s earliest department stores, including historic giant Mitsukoshi, which dates from 1673 and is still there today.

After the Great Kanto Earthquake of 1923, which destroyed much of Tokyo, Ginza was rebuilt in the form we see today. Its appeal as a once-prosperous district inspired the rebuild and drew other businesses offering high-end goods and services.

The most expensive land in all Japan is said to be in Ginza. Properties in the district scooped the top four spots in Property Nationwide’s 2020 index of most expensive land prices in Japan. Ranked first was Ginza 4-chome at ¥57.7 million ($0.5 million) per square metre.

Luxury brands

You won’t find budget shops or supermarkets in Ginza. Rather, you’ll be amazed by the range and quality of luxury designer items from leading Japanese and global high-end fashion brands. If your budget is limited, there is even joy in window shopping as the whole area is a feast for the eyes.

How to get there

As Ginza is centrally located, it is well-serviced by Tokyo’s efficient subway system, with access to Ginza Station via the Marunouchi, Ginza and Hibiya lines.

For more information, check out the Ginza page of The Official Tokyo Travel Guide.

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