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DIY Sushi at Coil, Kanazawa

Updated: Sep 11, 2021

Dinner, culture and experiences blend perfectly at this fun restaurant.

Coil, in Kanazawa, Ishikawa Prefecture, offers a fresh approach to dining that allows customers to make and learn about their food before indulging in it.

Art on display

The trendy restaurant, which opened in 2018, adds to the city’s growing reputation as a centre for all things creative. As a nod to the city’s membership of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network, there are pops of art throughout the expansive space.

Coil even looks like a gallery. There is a Japanese tea bar with countless varieties of leaves and rows of beautiful traditional cups, hot water pots and wooden serving ladles. The presentation of the soup bar is also exquisite, with monaka (wafer) soup varieties lined up according to their colourful labels.

Coil also blends tradition and modernity in its signature dish: authentic high-quality sushi rolls that can be assembled any way customers wish.

Menu and experience

Fillings for the sushi rolls top more than 40 varieties. There is fish, seafood, meat and vegetables. Choose from a set course of five, six or eight fillings, accompanied by sushi rice, nori seaweed, chawanmushi savoury egg custard, tempura, assorted condiments and gelato. There are even vegan and low-carb set courses as well as a la carte options.

The eight toppings are duck with truffle and fermented turnip, beef from Noto (a famous beef-producing area), salted squid and squid ink, pickled yellowtail, pickled sweet shrimp, fugu fish egg and cream cheese and Okinawan spinach seasoned with soy sauce.

As these kind of traditional sushi rolls are typically eaten with simple ingredients like tuna, cucumber or umeboshi (pickled plum), the toppings on offer are luxurious indeed.

Anyone unfamiliar with how to make sushi using the traditional bamboo rolling mat can call on the staff who are happy to help.

They also offer demonstrations on making the tea (in the traditional way) and soup, if desired.

Sake tasting is available, and staff are skilled in recommending drink pairings.

Access and information

Coil is about 1km from both Kanazawa Station and Kanazawa Castle Park, which houses Kenroku-en Garden, making it convenient and central.

For more details, check out Coil’s website.

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