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Asakusa, Ueno & Akihabara 

Asakusa is the ultimate fusion of old and new Japan, from the historic Senso-ji temple to the futuristic Tokyo Skytree, the tallest freestanding broadcast tower in the world. The district has a more traditional feel than most parts of Tokyo, with artisan workshops, small shops selling local snacks and even an active geisha district. Take a cruise down Sumida River for unique views of the area.

Ueno is home to a vast number of cultural sites including museums of national significance, art galleries, temples and performing arts venues. It is well-known for its zoo and park as well as its Ameyoko shopping street, a former post-WWII black market area where customers are encouraged to haggle.

Akihabara is an electronic wonderland full of all kinds of shops specialising in electric and electronic gadgets, anime and manga collectibles, cosplay outfits and retro video games. It’s a mecca for fans of tech and pop subculture and maid cafes, where waitresses dress as maids and sometimes give cute performances.

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